Optimize your next expedition!

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You will never have to set up a camp kitchen again!

Whether you are heading north, south, east or west… cooking for your next adventure with your Jeep Kitchen in any temperature will become the simplest, most convenient, and enjoyable cooking experience you have ever had in the wild. The days of having to unloading your kitchen gear and food buried under your other gear every time you are hungry are over.

Our sleek, uniquely designed kitchens are constructed with your choice of metal and type of finish. Their durability, silent structure during the expeditions, and maximized use of space works to your advantage so access to your gear is much more convenient.

Designed by a Jeep loving adventurer for his Jeep this kitchen can fit in most vehicles. Not only is all your cooking gear and food at your fingertips for instant meals it leaves you with lots of room for more gear!


Spacial Notes:

Fits: 4 door Jeep models 2008-2015 Unlimited Wrangler, XJ’s, and 2 door models (when backseats are removed). The back is sloped to fit behind the seats on the 4 door models. Maximum width 34.25″ and depth (at the bottom) 32.34″ sloping to 28.31″ (at the top). Contact us for exact dimensions so we can help ensure your vehicle and our Jeep Kitchen are a perfect fit.

All you have to do is strap down the Jeep Kitchen and pack it full of anything you like! You will never have a better, more organized storage and kitchen system.

For this kitchen we chose high quality components. Drawer slides that are silent when driving, top quality hardware, and high end laser cut steel for construction.

The three-part-pull-out design leaves a deeper main space for cooking pots and dishes, a flat cutting / prep-surface, and a stove platform which all roll out like a counter top kitchen in a high end home.

That’s the basic tour. Our clean modern design will last for years to come and you will be forever asked “where did you get that.”  Visit our shop to select your type of metal and finish to match your adventure vehicle.

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We hope you enjoy your Jeep Kitchen and going to lots of interesting places like we have!