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First order parts are rolling in!

SO excited to be bringing home the fabricated parts for the first run of jeep kitchens. That trailer is packed full of stainless steel parts. I never imagined that the stainless model would be the best seller for the first run of the jeep kitchen.

Let the first stage of assemble begin! We will keep you posted on how it’s going and why we designed things the way we did. Our entire idea was to make a kitchen that you could modify / bolt things on to easily and that you could field maintainable. There is no welding involved in this product at all so if you happen to break something in the field you can easily maintain and fix it with common tools and parts.

We are excited to see the community that will build around this kitchen. As we all know the best parties start in the kitchen!

First Jeep Kitchens ordered!

Post by on October 28, 2015


What an exciting time here at Jeep Kitchen. After years of preparation and The first order of jeep kitchens are in. We will be updating you by email when we know exact delivery dates.

Our estimate right now is for mid November for the first back to arrive.

Arriving with this first order will be the first ones made entirely out of stainless steel. These ones will be the shiny envy of everyone you meet on your travels.

Get your order in on the site so you don’t miss getting one of the next batch!

Introducing the Jeep Kitchen

Post by on October 2, 2015


This was the first video that went out inviting everyone to join us for the first order of Jeep Kitchens. It is a great first tour for you to see what everyone is excited about.

Make sure you follow us and order yours so you don’t miss out on the next order!

Born from an amazing trip.

Post by on July 10, 2015

Our adventure began with a photographic journey with two friends, Jeep Kitchen Founder Alan Smith and his close friend, and fellow adventurer, David Dechemin. During an expedition to Inuvik, at the Arctic Circle over the course of six weeks they would travel through British Columbia, journey over the chilly waters of the Inside Passage, up through Whitehorse and Dawson City and finally up the traitorous shale laden Dempster Highway. Half way up that wicked road is one of the most beautiful parks in all of rugged Canada in Tombstone Territorial Park.

A few daily rituals occur during a trip like this – stopping every few feet for photographs on a good day, stopping for a bathroom break and setting up camp in the pathway of river or (as it turns out) a hunting trail for wolves running down elk. However, one particular reoccurrence at -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit) in the morning, and during some pretty chilly day lit hours, was having to set-up and prepare warm meals.

After coming home to think about all his family trips and the frozen hands waiting for food while loading and unloading fridge and stove Alan started to think about how to first, make something to eat quicker, as well as to maximize the storage space for all the gear that was easier to get at and far less effort to re-pack.

That is when the first wooden one level “proto-type” was created. From this one simple solution came a bigger vision and one that could help his family and other world wide adventures improve on the usage of space and ease of setting up for meal time.

Now over three years and three proto-types have passed since that memorable journey and today we prove solutions that serve all sorts of flatbed vehicles, adventurers, campers, and out-door-enthusiasts seeking to spend more time on their past-time than loading their kitchen and coolers from truck to picnic table – now it’s all in one!

Join the many keen and outgoing individuals and Jeep Kitchen friends who take to their next “big adventure” with the use of our lightweight, specially designed, featured kitchens great for almost any vehicle.