First Jeep Kitchen’s Picked Up!

I’m super excited to have delivered the first two jeep kitchens to local fellow jeepers! I’m told one has already been on a weekend trip with theirs. When you start a product or bringing an idea to the world you are filled with thoughts. Thoughts like: “will people like it?” or “will it work for them?”

Well the first Jeep Kitchens are now released to the wild. Jason and Darcy are building up a sweet XJ for some North American traveling and added a jeep kitchen to the mix so they can keep on the go and eating well! I can’t wait to see their project XJ when it’s all kitted out ready to go.

Jepp Kitchen-0797

Also Jess and Luanne added one to their Green and Tan Sahara for weekend getaways. This thing fits so nice and snug into the back of a Wrangler UJK. We used all available space to make sure you get the most out of your JKU storage area.

Jepp Kitchen-0798

We wish you all the very best experiences and excitement while you journey around!